About Us

What we do

Freja is a provider of crew management solutions and crewing services for the shipping industry. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia, from where we provide ship owners and ship managers with internationally certified and qualified Indonesian seamen from our pool of experienced crew.

Who we are

The Freja Crewing team consists of a creative mix of crewing professionals with backgrounds ranging from onshore ship management and crewing, finance and administration, marketing, business management, hospitality, information technology and experienced crewmen.

We pride ourselves in providing services that are transparent, straightforward and easy to understand both for the clients we serve and the crew we employ.

All our staff adheres to the highest ethical standards in the crewing industry. As a ship owner you can trust that we will not "sell your jobs", but rather do our best to find the right crew for the job, letting you in on every step of the crewing process.

A different approach to recruiting - Chubby Mermaid

In order to enhance our recruiting environment we have created Chubby Mermaid. Chubby Mermaid is a coffee shop where Freja Indonesia has set up recruiting facilities.

The Chubby Mermaid setup creates an interesting and comfortable environment for the seamen who are applying for a job as it serves as a meeting point for seamen ashore. By introducing our recruiting and initial screening into this informal setting we also get a unique view into how the seamen react and behave in a social setting, something which gives us important clues about the attitude of the crewman, and how well he will fit into the situation on board.

We can also use the kitchen of Cubby Mermaid to test and observe cooks who are going to be recruited to make sure that their cooking skills are according to the standard required by the client.